To Every Kid

Arming Students with Technology
To Fight World Problems.

Arming Students with Technology

“Arming students” may sound radical.
We don’t mean equipping children to enter combat, but our meaning is radical.
Students need to be trained in high-value skills to create world change.

Technology Skills

Skills to build the things that affect each of our lives every day.

• Electrical
• Software

• Image
• Sound
• Video
• Game Design

Social Skills

Skills to become the people who can change the world.

• Critical Thinking
• Problem-Solving
• Perseverance
• Responsibility

• Communication
• Teamwork
• Kindness
• Confidence says that technology
“… deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment …”

Fighting World Problems.

TEK works to educate every kid in high-level technology skills and social skills to make our students best suited to fight world problems!


Education is at its best when there is an abundance of well-educated individuals who can share their knowledge with the next generation, and inspire them to push the limits of what is known, and what is possible. TEK is working to educate every kid, so they can go on to do the same!


By training kids in technology at an early age and teaching the mindset of a problem-solver, we believe TEK kids will be the ones to find solutions for clean and plentiful energy, clean water and air, arable soil, abundant food and more!


Technology can already cure or repair all kinds of physical ailments. Our students will be the ones pioneering the next break-through in medical science. Their skills will help them improve quality of life, physical and mental health through application and creation of new technologies.

“I was impressed by their [TEK staff] ability to put students in positions to be successful without doing the work for them. They made it possible for every student, regardless of ability level, to thrive. I think the biggest reason our students were so engaged was the fact that The TEK Center provided the kind of “low-floor, high-ceiling” task that was accessible to all students. Our group included […] varying levels of academic and social skills. Yet, every student was engaged and committed to producing their best work.”

– Teacher at Beaumont Middle School

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About us

TEK: To Every Kid is a 501(c)(3) non-profit started in Portland, Oregon dedicated to teaching kids technology in hands-on, project-based classes and courses to give kids the tools and attitudes they need to solve world problems.

Our mission

Arming kids with technology to solve world problems.