About To Every Kid

To Every Kid was created out of a need for high level STEM education to be taught To Every Kid. The founders of TEK had proven a model of teaching elementary students college-level concepts, skills, and projects in a for profit business called EG Robotics. As more and more students were involved in EG Robotics programs they began to see the huge impact it has on the students and their desire to give every kid the opportunity to learn high level STEM in a hands-on, DIY, project-based way lead to the creation of To Every Kid.

In the summer of 2017 TEK received their 501(c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS. Since that time the founders have been working hard to navigate and understand the crazy world of non-profit organizations and how to acquire funding for under-served students to reach their end goal of teaching every student.

We are a long ways from where we want to be, but we have great optimism that TEK will change the face of STEM education in our city, state and country, which will in turn change the world. We give kids the skills and tools they need to be the problem solvers of tomorrow! We believe this young generation will be the ones to solve our future problems by developing unlimited, clean energy that will solve air, water, and ground pollution, access to clean water through desalination, and so many other medical and social issues that are current and yet to come.

Help us teach this generation to understand, look for solutions, test, and solve real problems by giving them the knowledge, skills, and tools they need! This alone is not enough though… We need to motivate kids to want a future that provides their generation with more opportunity, more compassion, and more hope than we’ve ever seen. Crazy progress in technology mixed with compassionate hearts will give our kids, all of our kids a future we all want.